What is 3G cellular technology?

What is 3G cellular technology?With an increasing number of cellular phones and carriers touting 3G service, the obvious question arises: What is 3G? The term 3G refers to the third generation of mobile telephone, or cellular, technology. 3G was specifically designed to allow for the growth of applications that rely on increased mobile bandwidth.

While older generations of cellular technology allowed for only voice or limited data transfer, 3G can deliver multimedia applications over the network at faster speeds. With speeds ranging from 144Kbps to 2.4Mbps, 3G networks can be nearly as fast as a cable-modem. With that kind of speed, mobile web browsing, chatting and even live video streaming are possible.

In the United States, most carriers have begun rolling out their 3G networks to urban areas. Eventually the carriers' entire networks will be 3G.

So, do you need a 3G enabled cell phone? It depends on how you want to use your phone. If you're simply interested in making voice calls, there is no real advantage. If you plan to send multimedia messages containing photos and video, browse the web, chat or download applications over the network to your phone you should certainly look only at devices and carriers with a 3G network.

Zero-Carbon villa designed for sustainable living in Southern Spain

The Eco House, by Diseño Earle, is to be the first zero-carbon-footprint villa built in Southern Spain. The home is long and narrow to fit on the plot and is crowned with a unique, angled roof design that allows for solar panels to be installed for maximum exposure to the sun, and to allow air to pass over and cool the home. The design calls for extensive use of louvered glass panels to let plenty of natural light into the building while reducing heat. A geo-thermal system will be installed to provide both cooling and heating.

World's first rotating tower is planned for Dubai skyline

rotating building in motion
The world's first moving building is planned for construction in Dubai. Each of the tower's 80-floors can move independently of each other or be choreographed to move in unison. Power for the building will come partially from turbines and solar panels installed on each floor. The building will be constructed from prefabricated units built in an Italian facility and attached to a central, utility core, around which the floors will rotate.
World's first ‘building in motion’ ready in 2 years

Donald Trump announces $1 billion hotel project in Dubai

Donald Trump announces $1 billion hotel project in Dubai
Donald Trump announced a project to build a 62-story tower jointly with Dubai developer Nakheel. The hotel will feature a $30 million penthouse and will be built on Palm Jumeirah island. The structure, to be made of stainless steel and glass, will consist of almost 400 apartments and 400 hotel rooms.
Donald Trump Launches new Hotel and Tower on Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Designs We Love: Retro-Styled SnickarPer Doors from Sweden

circle door by snickarPer doors of Sweden

SnickarPer of Sweden has an extensive line of retro-styled doors for entryways, from the front door to the garage. We especially like the nautically-themed portals shown above.
Via Materialicious

Interactive map offers a view of property growth through time

Trulia Hingsight - Maps of Properties Through Time, Los Angeles
At Trulia Hindsight you can enter in a city and watch an animated presentation of property growth over time. Dots bloom on the map to represent where new home growth is happening. It's an interesting display that shows how communities grow and change through the decades. The map above was frozen over Los Angeles in 1948.

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