Haras dans l'Oise, France

A one hour drive north from Paris, Haras dans l'Oise, sits in a hilly, wooded environment of about 11 hectares. The estate contains original elements, including floors and chimneys and has extensive equestrian facilities. The home is priced above €2.3 million.
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Taking Flight in Corsica

Completed in 1993, this home on the southern tip of Corsica in France rises fluidly out of the surrounding landscape. It resembles an aircraft wing ready to take flight over the sea. Designed by Foster + Partners, the home is "dug into the contours of the site and sheltered by a monopitch roof that spreads out like a protective birds wing." View full image.

Ancillary functions are confined to the northern edge of the plan, where the roof is lowest, while the grander communal spaces, main bedrooms and study are placed on the southern side to take advantage of the soaring double-height volume created by the monopitch as it rises. Closed to the north, the house opens up dramatically to the south to take advantage of the light and breathtaking views.

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