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how many herbs and spices in kfc secret recipe

In the world of fast food, no one does it better than KFC. The chain is known for its amazing chicken and Colonel Sanders recipes, but few people know that they also have a secret recipe that is full of herbs and spices.

The original recipe for KFC chicken was created in the 1940s by Colonel Sanders, and it was originally a secret recipe. It was only revealed to the public in the 1990s, after Sanders’ death. The recipe consists of twelve herbs and spices, and it’s said that the original recipe was so good that it was the key to Colonel Sanders’ success.

Today, the original KFC chicken recipe is still used in the chain’s restaurants, and it’s considered one of the chain’s most popular dishes. It’s also said to be one of the reasons why KFC is so successful, as it’s one of the few chains that can still claim to have a secret recipe.